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The Riverside Blues Band Scrapbook


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CD Review by Ian McKenzie - Editor of Blues in the South - November 2016

Recorded at the Christchurch (Hampshire, UK,) Festival earlier this year, this CD gives an excellent feel of what the band sounds like and the energy they generate. The band consists of Stan (g,v) Helen (b) Marcin (d), Carl (g,v) and João (h). The band runs through a repertoire of covers ranging from Chester Burnett’s Highway 49 through BB Kings’ The Thrill Is Gone and onto another Mississippi highway with Mississippi Fred McDowell’s Highway61.
The band nods its collective head to rock ‘n’ roll as it passes, with Carl Perkins’ Matchbox (famously recorded by the Beatles with Ringo on vocals producing a garbled version of the proper lyrics) and (via another road) to Route 66 and on to Too Tired with a pedigree running from Albert Collins through Johnny Guitar Watson and to the late (lamented) Gary Moore.
Now there are some ‘hall of fame’ guitar players in that list and Stan and Carl acquit themselves in that arena with remarkable dexterity and fire. The harp work by João Andressen is of the highest quality too. The rhythm section, Helen and Marcin, is tight and driving. One small carp though, The band has enough experience and skill to be producing their own songs (andI bet they do). Surely one or two could be slotted into their stomping and sometimes raucous set - Check out the closer - Mama Talk To Your Daughter - guaranteed to answer the plea to “leave ‘em wanting more.”


And here we are in our esteemed local paper.....


The Swanage T-Shirts

Here's the logo we designed for a run of Swanage Blues Festival T-Shirts a few years ago...